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Illustration by Gabriela Tylenda

Deaths Spark Baltimore Man’s Transformation to Activist

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By Shayla Klein
JC Faulk was six years old and living in Washington, DC, when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

“I was outside with my brother…and the city just blew up. It felt like a bomb had just went off. It wasn’t quite like that, but it felt like it went from quiet to rattled, everything all at once.”

Faulk said that what impacted him the most about that day was not the chaos outside, but his mother’s reaction when he got home.

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Black Girls Vote Fosters Empowerment

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By Simone Benson
Olakemi “Kemi” Teru is a student, mother, activist, and a proud black woman. She is an active member of the organization, Black Girls Vote.

Nykidra Robinson, a Baltimore native, founded the organization in 2015. Black Girls Vote is a nonpartisan organization that represents the issues and concerns of black women in their communities. They encourage women to participate in local and national elections.

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Fighting Gun Violence With Light, Love

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By Emily Pelland
Minutes before 7 o’clock on a Wednesday evening, Erricka Bridgeford arrives at the 1600 block of Moreland Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland, on a cool spring night.

Brick rowhouses line the neighborhood of Sandtown-Winchester in West Baltimore City. Billie Holiday, Cab Calloway and Thurgood Marshall hailed from here. It is also the home of the late Freddie Gray, whose death fueled protests in April 2015.

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Filmmaker Gives Students of Color a Voice Through Film

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By Robert Simmons
Ask Jamar Jones what movie made him want to be a filmmaker and he lights up.

“Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. You could ask my parents. Indiana freakin’ Jones. First of all, he had my last name. Now, I wonder if we were related. [It] inspired me to want to know how to create that adventure,” Jones said.

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